Greetings in the name of Jesus

Bear Creek Baptist Church is a Church on a mission. We are a loving congregation whose passions include:

Providing life changing worship. We do this through song, testimony and the teaching and preaching of the Word. It is our desire that those who worship with us genuinely experience God in a very powerful, personal way.

Reaching out to every age group:                

  • Awanas - Bible Study and activity for ages through Grade 6.

  • Bible Drills - For the very young through teenage years. Children enjoy this ministry because it uses competition to teach Scripture.

  • Strong Youth/Children’s Ministries - our goal is to equip our youth/children to stand for Christ at School, in their Community and wherever they find themselves.

  • Sunday School Classes for every age group. We are very thankful to have very good teachers who are passionate about teaching the Word.

  • Music Ministry - which provides for talent to be used in praise to our God.

  • Providing Rock solid Bible teaching and preaching We believe the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant Word of God and seek to proclaim its truths without compromise as being the only foundation on which we may live successfully.

  • Demonstrating a warm, welcoming fellowship. Our goal is to make you feel welcome when you join us for any of our services.

If you are looking for a church where you can worship our Lord and enjoy Christian fellowship, we invite you to Bear Creek Baptist Church. Below is a listing of our services and some of the activities we offer.


    Prayer Rooms 9:30
    Library opens  9:30
    Sunday School 9:45
    ToddlerTime 10:45
    Children’s Church 10:45
    Worship Service 10:45


Adults in Sanctuary (6:00-7:15)
Revelation Study                      Pastor Bruce

Parents in Fellowship Hall (6:00-7:15)
Faith Filled Families                 Pastor Dale

Youth in Children’s Dept. #2 (6:00-6:30)
Bible Drill                                Britney Carver and Sheila Speight

Youth in Youth Room (6:30-7:15)*
Counter Culture                      Savannah and Caleb Miller

Children grades 3rd thru 6th in Children’s Church Room (6:00-6:30)
Bible Drill                               Sherri Buchanan and Marsha Letterman

Children grades 3rd thru 6th in Children’s Church Room (6:30-7:15)*
Believe (Kid’s Edition)             Veronica and Kenneth Pittman

Children grades K thru 2nd in Toddler Time Room (6:00-6:30)
Bible Drill                                Martha Burleson

Children grades K thru 2nd in Toddler Time Room (6:30-7:15)*
The Jesus Story Book Bible      Currently No Teacher

Nursery (6:30-7:15)                 Currently No Teacher

*Children and teachers not involved in Bible Drill can meet in the youth
room until time for their classes to begin.


    Echoes of Praise Practice 5:30
    Awana 6:30
    Youth meet 6:30
    Adult Choir Practice 6:45
    Mid-week Worship Service 7:30

Nursery available for each service.

BUSINESS MEETING held on the third Sunday night each month, 7:30 pm

(4 times yearly) at 6:45pm

Van runs for each service.